Angela regularly appeared on TV3's Paul Henry Show during 2015 - 16 talking about the latest nutrition-related topics:

Winter comfort food it's ok to eat

June 29th 2016

You don't have to eat less, says ABC Nutrition founder Angela Berrill -- you just need to be careful.

"Some people are choosing to eat a little bit more over winter in an effort to actually make themselves feel warmer, but also people are possibly cutting back on their exercise," she told Paul Henry this morning.

Diet trends for 2016

February 25th 2016

Angela spoke with Paul about the diet trends set to take 2016 by storm. They included:

Blue Zones - themes we can look to from the 5 zones around the world where inhabitants live the longest.

Vegetarianism / Veganism - while the Blue Zones certainly emphasise the importance of eating a predominately plant-based diet for optimal health, you don't necessarily need to exort to becoming a vegetarian or vegan. Simply, include more plant foods in your diet.

Elimination diets - 'don't eat this to improve that' type of diets are all the rage but unless you have a medically diagnosed reason to avoid a certain food, then there is no reason to eliminate x, y or z..... despite all the hype!

Sugar, sugar, sugar.

October 15th 2015

Dietitian Angela Berrill talked with Paul Henry about the differences between the various types of sweeteners in our diet.

"It all comes down to the fact that sugar is sugar. We need to be mindful of how much of that sugar we're having in our diets. We also need to be mindful of hidden sugars."

View clip here.

Superfoods - are they super?

August 20th 2015

Kale smoothies, chia-seed puddings, a cold class of kombucha or a quinoa salad.

Superfoods are taking the world by storm. Nearly every week there is something to catch on to. But are these foods actually super?

Paul Henry spoke with ABC Nutrition Director and Dietitian Angela Berrill to find out.

View clip here.

Health shakes another unhealthy fad?

August 5th 2015

Meal replacement shakes are a growing diet trend, and while convenient, they're ringing alarm bells with some dietitians.


April 23rd 2015