Media Dietitian

Angela is a nutrition spokesperson and has a vast amount of presenting and media experience. She has regularly appeared on TV and she has given numerous media interviews, both in New Zealand and overseas. Angela is also an extremely competent nutrition and health writer, who has written an extensive range of articles and columns on a wide range of topics. Angela is enthusiastic and confident and she brings these traits with her to any show or publication.


TV interviews and appearances

As an expert nutritionist and dietitian, Angela has regularly appeared as a guest and expert on such shows as Whanau Living, The AM Show, Paul Henry Show, Kiwi Living, Target and more...


Print and online interviews

As a well respected dietitian, Angela is often asked to provide comment about various nutrition topics in the media...


Freelance nutrition and health writer

Angela is a writer who has written various feature articles and contributed to a number of well-known publications...