As an expert nutritionist and dietitian, Angela has regularly appeared on such shows as Whanau Living, The AM Show, Paul Henry Show, Kiwi Living, Target and more...


TV3 - The Cafe

TVNZ - Whanau Living

Dietician Angela Berrill joins Stacey in the kāuta where she makes two tasty and nutritious dishes: Healthy Fish Burgers and Mussel Fritters with a side salad - 28 February 2018.


TVNZ - Kiwi Living

Monty spent some time this we with Angela Berrill to learn more about the phenomenon known as 'portion distortion' and what we can do to control our portion sizes - 24 June 2016.

TV3 - Paul Henry

Angela regularly appeared on the Paul Henry Show to talk about the latest nutrition topics in the media.

TV3 -Target

From 2008 - 2011, Angela was the nutrition advisor to TV3s Target and she often featured on the show.

TV3 - 6pm News

TV3 - Story

Angela has spoken about  Orthorexia on TV3s current affairs show, Story - September 2015

TV3 - Campbell Live

Find out what Angela would pack in a Healthy school lunch - July 2014

TVNZ - Good Morning

Angela has appeared on Good Morning talking about ‘what to pack in a school lunch‘.

TV3 - What’s Really In Your Food

Angela appeared regularly during the 2010 season of the popular show, What’s Really In Your Food.


You can view a snapshot of Angela's earlier TV appearances below: